Version History

Changes in older versions


  • Improvements

    Improved memory handling.

  • Bug fixes

    Language selection dialog now correctly shows all available translations.
    Image list header dimension saving problem is solved.

  • New language

    PhotoSort is now also available in Portuguese.


  • Improved Browse For Folders dialog

    Now it's possible to create new folders directly from within the dialog and you can browse to your desired path by manually typing or pasting in the location.

  • Improved Move To Folder action

    Collision detection and handling is now improved as to cover all possible cases.

  • Menu reorganization

    We cleaned up some of the less used menu options in the Mark by Type section in order to make space for more frequent RAW file extensions.

  • Reduced size

    The executable file size is reduced by optimizing user interface graphics.

  • Translation update

    We made slight alterations to the French translation.

  • Minor improvements

    A minor bug has been detected and is now fixed.


  • Improved built-in picture viewer

    We have added full-screen mode which can be toggled using the button in the lop-left corner or ALT + ENTER or CTRL + F keyboard combinations. Other changes include some visibility and timing tweaking for controls and indicators.

  • Improved Open Containing Folder option

    PhotoSort will make sure the file will be highlighted when its folder is opened.

  • New digital camera RAW formats supported

    We have added support for the following file extensions: ARF, ERF, MEF, MOS and 3FR. These are in use by Sony, Epson, Mamiya, Aptus and Hasselblad digital cameras.

  • Image loading speed increase

    Image pre-processing is now 4 or 5 times faster which results in about 5 to 10 seconds shorter picture loading time for every 100,000 pictures.

  • Improved Windows 8 compatibility

    We have restored RAW photo support that was sometimes not available depending on the user privileges. Settings saving and loading inconsistency has also been addressed.

  • Minor improvements

    Some minor improvements and fixes have been applied.


  • Improved built-in picture viewer

    Added support for mouse wheel & touchpad scrolling and the minimum height limitation has been reduced.

  • Bug fixes and optimizations

    A bug that caused program to crash when dealing with files without extension has been fixed and there have been some minor optimizations throughout the program.


  • Big performance improvements

    RAW photo loading is about 7 or 8 times faster than before.

  • Improved built-in picture viewer

    Two new buttons added to the viewer let you jump to the next or previous marked photo.

  • Improved drag and drop

    Now it is possible to include individual files in the list of the folders PhotoSort will search for duplicate pictures. The way to accomplish this is to drag and drop the files into PhotoSort.

  • New keyboard shortcut

    We have added a keyboard shortcut for selecting all items in the folder list: CTRL + A.

  • Other minor changes

    Handling of temorary files and memory management have been improved.


  • Windows 8 support

    There was a minor incompatibility of PhotoSort with the newly released Windows 8 that resulted in the black PhotoSort screen. This issue is resolved so all of you who upgraded can continue using PhotoSort as usual.

  • Big performance improvements

    JPEG image loading is about 3 or 4 times faster than before. This has impact in several places: processing is much faster, browsing through the results smoother and the built-in viewer is snappier.

  • Redesigned and improved built-in picture viewer

    The new viewer can be freely resized up to the full-screen, supports browsing through the list of duplicate photos, marking and unmarking of photos directly from the viewer, jumping to the previous or next marked image (by holding a CTRL key when navigating) and uses catching and parallel preloading mechanisms to ensure your last accessed photos will be stored in memory and the ones you are about to jump to are already loaded before you ask for them.

  • User interface improvements

    Program skin color is changed to something easier on the eyes, and many minor changes to the user interface are made in order to make it easier to use.

  • New auto-marking filter

    Because of the popular request, we have added another auto-marking filter: Mark all from opposing folders. This filter will let you mark all photos that are NOT in the same folder with the picture that you apply this filter to.

  • Old auto-marking filter improved

    We have added a feature to the Mark by dimensions  filter. Now it is possible to mark photos that match only one of the dimensions (width or height) while ignoring the other. To do this, specify zero (0) in the field you want to be ignored.

  • New digital camera RAW formats supported

    PhotoSort now supports additional 94 digital camera models, with total being 471. For the complete list, visit the RAW Formats page.

  • Support for languages

    From now on the user interface can be translated to other languages, but there is one catch - the letters have to be representable in ANSI, so no exotic characters for now. Languages that are now available and included are: English, German, French, Serbian and Greek. If you find an error in a translation please contact us so we can fix it.

  • Bugs fixed

    Many minor bugs are found and eradicated including the bug where some JPEG images would be totally black.


  • Safe mode

    Picture decoders are not perfect. Most decoding is done by the Intel JPEG library or by those embedded in Windows operating systems, but from time to time a picture that was copied from a broken disk or downloaded from the Internet in a bad shape can break it. To fight this, PhotoSort tracks the picture loading process and will let you know which picture made it crash in the case something like that happens. It will automatically jump into a safe mode and turn off the Intel library that is found to cause the most problems. Of course, there is a simple way to leave the safe mode, just uncheck the safe mode box from the appropriate dialog, and since you know which picture is causing problems, you can remove it manually and contact us so we can try to find out what is wrong with it and make sure PhotoSort doesn't crash when coming across something similar in the future.

  • User interface improvements

    We have made some improvements to the user interface, one of them being better tip readability.

  • Bugs fixed

    There were some strange bugs in the latest version, mostly caused by an external picture loading library. They caused incorrect operation of the SmartMark filter and random program crashing. Other bugs fixed are a glitch where PhotoSort would move behind other windows on program start and a visual glitch with tolerance level changing.


  • New look

    PhotoSort went through a complete face-lift that brought more than just a new skin.

  • Full screen size

    We have made it possible for the program to stretch across the entire screen, letting you have even larger previews and more space for displaying file paths.

  • Larger previews

    Except that previews are larger when the PhotoSort window is maximized, their size is also increased in the regular view mode. Another important change is that the previews are moved to the left side to a more natural position, requiring less eye movement and less hand motion.

  • Bigger Browse For Folders dialog

    The standard Browse For Folders dialog that comes with Windows is sometimes too small. We worked a bit on it and changed it appearance so it will be larger and also blend in with program colors.

  • List tips

    When the path to a picture is too large to be shown in the list you can easily see it in whole if you let the mouse pointer rest for a second over the text.

  • Faster RAW photo loading

    RAW photos can now be loaded up to two times faster than before by using multiple processor cores.

  • Faster file operations

    Some modifications are made to file operation parts of the program so it will be slightly faster.

  • Link to a default picture viewer

    We have added an option to open a selected picture in your default picture viewer. You can access this option through the right-click menu.

  • More actions at the final step

    Appart from deleting and moving all marked photos, now you can also rename them or use an option to hide them from the list which can be useful if you want to remove some duplicates from your sight.

  • Improved auto-marking filter

    Custom path / name  filter behavior is changed. Where it used to require of you to take into account the full path, now it will assume an asterisk when you do not begin with a drive letter. For an example, typing "beach" before would result with nothing, while now, the same text would cause PhotoSort to mark all images that contain the word somewhere in the path or file name.

  • New digital camera RAW formats supported

    Additional 23 camera models are supported for a total of 377 models.


  • New digital camera RAW formats supported

    Additional 31 camera models are supported for a total of 354 models.


  • Jumping to marked images

    There are two new buttons just below the list, in the right corner. They allow you to jump up or down to the previous or next marked photo.

  • Marking consecutive pictures

    You can mark more than one picture at a time by selecting one in the list to begin with and then clicking on the last one while holding SHIFT key.

  • Improved built-in viewer

    The built-in viewer is a bit snappier.

  • New digital camera RAW formats supported

    Additional 23 camera models are supported for a total of 323 models.


  • New digital camera RAW formats supported

    Additional 13 camera models are supported for a total of 300 models.

  • Bug fixes

    We have fixed a bug that caused RAF photo dimensions to be reported incorrectly and also worked around a stability problem caused by some corrupted photos.


  • Built-in basic picture viewer

    Some external image viewers are slow to open so we have included a small viewer that will simply show the photo close up without the waiting.

  • Faster cache

    We have improved the speed of the caching mechanism and as a great side-effect, now it also uses less memory.

  • New digital camera RAW formats supported

    Additional 19 camera models are supported for a total of 287 models.

  • Interface improvements

    Some minor changes have been made to the user interface.

  • Bug fixed

    A very minor bug is removed.


  • Another progress bar

    We have added a progress indicator for this last step because sometimes even deleting duplicate photos can take a while when you are working with a great deal of them.

  • New file format support

    We have added support for pictures in the TIFF format.

  • Faster image loading

    GIF files will now load 3 times faster, PNG files will load 2 times faster and BMP files 1.5 times faster than before.

  • New digital camera RAW formats supported

    Additional 18 camera models are supported for a total of 268 models.

  • Bugs fixed

    A few rarely occuring bugs are fixed.


  • Faster picture loading

    Images in common formats will now load about 10% faster.

  • Faster RAW photo loading

    Photos in the RAW format will load about 25% faster than before.

  • New digital camera RAW formats supported

    Additional 20 camera models are supported for a total of 250 models.

  • New file format support

    PhotoSort now support pictures in the EMF format.

  • Windows 64bit support

    PhotoSort will now work better under the 64bit versions of the operating system.

  • Bug fixed

    A rarely occuring bug that caused the program to sometimes skip a folder when searching for duplicate pictures is now fixed.


  • Support for digital camera RAW photos

    Some digital cameras let you save photos in the RAW format that is very camera specific. PhotoSort now supports RAW formats made by 230 different digital camera models.

  • New file format support

    We have added support for pictures in the binary PPM format.

  • New file operations

    Now it is possible to move and rename photos directly from the duplicate list.

  • Easier marking

    You can mark or unmark an image by clicking on its preview.

  • Opening pictures in the default viewer

    To open an image in the default viewer simply right-click on its preview.

  • Additional mark state indicator

    When a picture is marked as a duplicate it will also be shown in its preview - a thin strip with a word "MARKED" will be shown over it.

  • Improved auto-marking filter

    The Mark by dimensions   filter is improved.

  • More information in the status bar

    The status bar now also shows the number of duplicate groups at the current tolerance level.

  • Export to a text file

    Image duplicate listing and the list of corrupted files can be exported to a text file.

  • Easier access to common actions

    We have added some new keyboard shortcuts.


  • Automatic duplicate marking

    PhotoSort now includes a number of filters for automatic marking of pictures.

  • Faster operation

    We have worked hard to make PhotoSort faster - now the tolerance levels are changing faster and cache loading, image loading and image sorting are all a bit faster.

  • New file icons

    We have redesigned file icons in order to make it easier to spot different formats and tell apart compressed from non-compressed pictures.

  • Better time estimation

    Processing time estimation is now more accurate.

  • Accurate list column resizing

    The list columns will accurately resize to fit all the items when you double click on separators between list columns that are located in the list header.

  • Smaller cache

    The cache file now uses 17% less space on the hard disk.

  • Better RAM use

    PhotoSort now takes up less system memory.

  • User interface improvement

    PhotoSort will make sure the window is visible when you try to close it, the list marks are better looking and the warning about existance of corrupted pictures is now clean looking. Also, a visual glitch with initial loading of a large number of duplicates is now fixed.

  • Improved drag and drop

    Drag and drop operation is now also allowed for folders that are marked as Read Only.


  • Double preview mode

    Now PhotoSort detects the closest match for a selected picture and automatically displays previews for both of them.

  • Status bar

    The added status bar shows the current number of pictures in the list and the number of pictures currently marked as duplicates.

  • Right-click menu

    PhotoSort just got richer for a couple of options that can be accessed by right-clicking on photos in the list.

  • Containing folders

    Now you can also open the containing folder for images that are considered to be corrupted.

  • Larger workspace

    The program window is now wider in order to display more information.

  • New list marks

    New list marks are now easier to see.

  • New program icon

    The program icon and shortcut are redesigned.


  • Faster operation

    Sorting images by similarity is now at least 25% faster. List rebuilding is slightly faster than before.

  • Drag and drop

    We have added support for Drag and drop. It's now easier to add folders in the search list.

  • Browse For Folders dialog improvements

    We have enlarged the folder list within the Browse For Folders dialog and the dialog will now also remember your last choice.

  • File extensions

    Due to a popular request, the file extension is now no longer hidden.

  • International characters

    Support for a wider range of exotic characters is improved.

  • New check-boxes

    Check-boxes are redesigned and are now better looking.


  • Larger workspace

    PhotoSort window is now wider.

  • International characters

    Support for a wider range of exotic characters is improved.

  • Image dimensions and size

    The list with duplicate groups now has two new columns displaying picture dimensions and file size.

  • Saving more settings

    List column width is now saved in the settings file so it is restored the next time you use the program.

  • Bug fixed

    We found a workaround for a problem Windows sometimes has with scroll-bars, making them non-responsive.


  • More actions

    Now you can choose if you want to put files in the Recycle Bin, delete them without return or just move them to another location.

  • Folder list maintenance

    PhotoSort will check folders you have in the list and if some of them are missing they will be automatically removed from the list.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Some actions can now be accessed via keyboard shortcuts.

  • Speed improvement

    Processing speed is improved a little bit.

  • User interface improvement

    Some color corrections have been made to the user interface.


  • First release