PhotoSort - Visual search engine

With simplicity in mind

PhotoSort has a beautiful interface that thanks to its layout functions so intuitively that any level of computer user should feel comfortable.

The professional design uses colors and large icons to guide people through the process of comparing their photos and does it in a way that makes the programs help file almost unnecessary and finding and deleting duplicate pictures only takes a few button clicks.

PhotoSort detecting similar photos

Duplicate photo detection based on visual data

The underlying engine is so smart it will not only locate identical copies or pixel for pixel duplicates, but also photos that are different, but essentially the same. This is done by comparing actual picture information instead of the bits and bytes, check-sums and dates.

PhotoSort looks at your pictures in much the same way people do, using visual data to find duplicate photos and similar pictures, like the ones where subjects have moved some, or the camera angle or focus is different. It compares black & white versus color images, photos of different sizes or digitally modified photos. It will just leave you impressed!

PhotoSort finds similar photos

Find similar photos

Smart engine detects photos where subject moved or an angle, light or color is different

Find resized images

No matter how your images are saved or in what format or if they have been modified

Program finds duplicate pictures when they are resized
App detects duplicate images

Find duplicate pictures

Fast check-sum algorithms find identical pictures in the matter of seconds or minutes

Current software version: 2.46
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Supported operating systems:
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

Incredibly fast engine

Every aspect of the program, every bit and bolt is carefully crafted to ensure it's rock stable when performing complicated calculations at neck-breaking speeds. Starting from feeding photos to the program, processing and finding duplicates and ending with the built-in photo viewer, we are using every trick known to make the program operation quick and smooth. This includes caching mechanisms, preloading, parallel operation and assembly optimizations; in fact 100% of the program is made in Assembly because we didn't want it to spend a second more than it's essential, and this resulted in phenomenal performance.


Tolerance level adjusting Do not worry about setting working parameters correctly from the start. The program lets you tweak tolerance level in the real-time, letting you work your way from showing only absolutely identical copies down to less, but still similar photos.
Auto-selection filters You can apply eight filters for automatic selection of pictures that are to be marked for removing. This includes filters like SmartMark that leaves only the best quality photo per group and filters for finding photos with specific name patterns, dimensions, parent folders.
Side-by-side preview Experience has shown that most people prefer to see a photo and it's best match side by side for quick inspection. PhotoSort shows you all similar photos in groups and automatically selected the best match as soon as you click on any one photo.
Fast built-in viewer For closeup and full-screen inspection there is a built-in image viewer that also lets you browse through the resulting list of duplicates, do the selection from within and jump from one to the other marked photo. To make it better and faster, the viewer uses methods to improve photo loading speed.
Picture file management Pictures can be renamed or moved directly from the resulting duplicate picture list and they can be loaded up using an external viewer or found in the file browser by opening the folder that contains them.
Batch processing Whether you are deciding to delete duplicate photos, move them all to a specific folder or rename them to something you can use later, these actions will be performed on your selection in a single batch job.
Detecting bad pictures While already at the task of loading photos for later search for duplicate pictures the program will make a list of those that it found to be corrupted due to problems on a hard drive, compact discs, incorrect download from the Internet or your other computers on the network.
RAW photo support Both professional and aspiring photographers alike especially will appreciate RAW photo loading capability. It's fast, and supports hundreds of digital camera models.

Practical use

PhotoSort is a duplicate picture finder, it provides users with a way to go through their photographs and eliminate any duplicates quickly and easily. User first select folders to search for duplicate pictures and it compares all photos in a matter of seconds or minutes and provides a list, with side by side shots, to compare and decide which should be kept, and which should be removed. Thanks to the great user interface and fast results, this is the best app for anyone looking to clear up space on their hard drive and cut out duplicate photos while saving time.

If you take great number of pictures or maintain a large collection of all types of digital photos or images, you may end up with many copies of essentially same images or pictures and if you do not remove unneeded copies of same picture files your hard disk will become full with pictures you do not really need. This is where duplicate picture finding comes useful and helps you create a neat and organized library or photo collection.